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Nave helps you increase your performance, identify problems with ease and focus on improving workflow efficiency. Our dashboards reveal the fundamental characteristics of your Kanban process. We have enhanced the industry standard analytical charts for Kanban to help you reach your full potential!

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Cumulative flow diagram

Evaluate process efficiency and identify problem areas. LEARN MORE


Cumulative Flow Diagram

Cycle time scatterplot

Track how long it takes to get things done and forecast task completion dates. LEARN MORE


Cycle Time Scatterplot

Cycle time breakdown chart

Reveal which process states consume most of your time. LEARN MORE


Cycle Time Breakdown Chart

Cycle time histogram

Analyse how cycle time trends build over time. LEARN MORE


Cycle Time Histogram

Aging chart

Track current tasks in progress and for how long they stay in progress. LEARN MORE


Aging Chart

Throughput run chart

See how much work has been delivered over time. LEARN MORE


Throughput Run Chart

Throughput histogram

Assess team performance and identify historical productivity patterns. LEARN MORE


Throughput Histogram

Flow efficiency chart

Track how much time you spent actually working on your tasks. LEARN MORE


Flow Efficiency Chart

Due Date Performance Chart

Analyze the predicted time vs the actual cycle time of your completed work. LEARN MORE


Due Date Performance Chart

Monte carlo simulation of delivery date

Forecast when you can expect your team to finish a certain number of tasks.

Monte Carlo: Delivery Date

Monte carlo simulation of number of tasks

Forecast how many tasks you can expect your team to finish in a certain timeframe.

Monte Carlo: Number of Tasks

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