Our Product Roadmap

Did you ever wonder what’s cooking behind the doors of Nave laboratory?
Now you can take a peek inside.

In the future

In the Future

Here reside the ideas that we’re actively exploring, and are really excited about putting into action.

Azure DevOps: Simplify the dashboard creation process

Creating a new dashboard can be challenging, going to all the configuration at once. We'll improve that experience and we will move plenty of the options to your filters sections.

Define Done status in the Due Date Performance Chart

Currently we calculate Due Date Performance End Date value considering the last status mapped as Done on your dashboards. We will introduce the option to select how the chart calculates your cycle time when you support multiple Done statuses.

Coming soon

Coming Soon

The items in this list made it to the top 10 most valuable features to our customers.

Enable an API to export dashboard data in a CSV and JSON format

We'll automate the "Export dashboard data" feature so you can connect Nave with any other tool of your choice and build your own visualizations.

Azure DevOps: Store user's history

We'll remember all the users who have been associated with your work item during its entire lifecycle.

Recently launched

Recently Launched

We deliver new features on a daily basis; here's a snapshot of what we’ve launched recently.

16 Dec, 2021

Track Blocked Work and Perform Blocker Clustering in Asana and Azure DevOps

You’re now able to track blocked work and perform blocker clustering in Nave for Asana and Azure DevOps to analyze how blocked work affects your overall performance.

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07 Dec, 2021

Wipe Out Your Dashboard Data

You are now able to wipe out the data on your dashboards without removing your users’ configuration. resynching your dashboard. When you update your dashboard, you can select the “Wipe out dashboard data” checkbox to clean up all historical records.

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29 Nov, 2021

Jira & CSV/JSON Integration: Enable Blocked Time Details in the Due Date Performance Chart

On the Due Date Performance, you can now enable and analyze the blocked time in the issue details.

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